by ML Nystrom

This was skating so close to 5 stars that I almost feel mean for rating it at 4.5, but there are very fine margins and I can only say that whilst I thought this was written beautifully and had a fantastic vibe about it, I liked book one a teensy bit more. This had a lot to live up to for me after book one and whilst it is a seriously good read I am not sure that it quite managed to tick every single box.
As you would expect from a guy known as “Stud” he isn’t shy when it comes to finding his way around the ladies, finding a woman to keep him company has never been an issue, but it has also never been anything more than a temporary fix, but all that was about to change when a certain feisty female makes him think again about what he wants from life.
I liked Eva, she was a woman that knew what life was like in a male-dominated world and she didn’t give one jot about making any concession for any of them. Brought up on the road with her old man and her brothers, he could hold her won with the best of them and that included the enigmatic Stud.
Hired by The Dragon Runners to build them a new bar, it is through her family’s construction company that she finds herself in contact with the guy that handles the finances…Stud. He is one clever cookie, tasked with taking care of not only the financial aspects of club business but he isn’t shy at finding his way around the legal gobbledygook either. Not much catches him unawares…well until Eva that was.
As you would expect with an MC novel, nothing is plain sailing, but I admit that this wasn’t exactly angst-riddled, it had its fair share but all within reason. All I can say is that family…who’d have them!!!
I liked getting to know Stud’s backstory and watching from the sidelines as what was quintessentially a slow burner finally set the pages alight. With a fantastic dialogue and some family members that will definitely get you riled up…neither of them has the Brady Bunch up their sleeves, let’s just leave it at that!

Topic: Stud by ML Nystrom

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