by Marie James

I have one thing to say… Ms James are you trying to kill me!!!

Totally addictive, this was not only a fabulously emotional and some may say poignant love story but it was one that did all of that at a sped which kept my finger flicking the pages furiously.

I quite simply couldn’t put the book down, it was totally captivating, each page brought a new challenge, a connection that I didn’t expect and journey that seemed determined to wind its way along a self-determined path that was littered with obstacles.

Delilah and Lawson were probably as well matched as I could have ever hoped for but that didn’t mean that they were without problems, far from it. Lawson was a handful, a man that had his own series of issues that had shaped him into who he is today. And it is those traits (I can’t bring myself to say flaws, he deserves better) that allow for the intensity of not only him but them to shine through.

The MC is everything I had hoped it would be, they are the cloak that protects them both but is it enough to give them the opportunity to have it all or will the pain and hurt that seems determined to have its say…have the last word?

Quite simply glorious and I can’t wait for the next book to arrive

Topic: Lawson by Marie James

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