by Abigail Davies


This is in an illustrious group, a second book that is better than the first, well at least in my opinion that it.

Kay and Ty stole my heart in Fractured Lies (book one in the series) but with this I think I may just hand my soul over completely, they were just superb. I get that the author has indicated that this can be read as a standalone (and it can) but I would really ask that you read the first book to get the back story of this pair, it will help you to get the most from this book.

I loved Kay and Ty, I felt proud of them, what they had overcome, what they had achieved despite the tragedy that had blighted them. They had their own form of happy, their own beautiful relationship but will a blast from Ty’s past rip them apart?

The pair of them had secrets left yet to reveal, and while Ty has others that hold the potential to come between him and Kay. It is Kay’s own secret that is the keystone of their story, her pain plagues her, infiltrates her dreams and haunts her, but letting Ty into the entirety of the past eh shoulders alone is too much for her to consider, too much for her to bear because she knows that the horror she keeps inside may just be the final nail in their relationship and she isn’t ready to risk losing him because of her past.

Can they keep not only their secrets but also each other?

When disaster comes knocking can Ty and the team do what they do best and make sure that everyone is returned to the fold safe and sound?

I loved the twists and turns that the story takes as they continue their journey. There are chapters that had me on the edge of my seat and others that certainly tugged on the heartstrings.

I applaud the author for a book that I simply could not put down, characters that were written beautifully and a storyline that held my attention from start to finish.

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