Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

In true Jennifer Probst style this is a book that will suck you in and consume you.

Morgan is a tough cookie, a fighter every step of the way. She fought hard to find her way and forge a life for herself when she left her home town in Charleston but her southern charm and tenacity has stood her in good stead because tackling life head on is something that she is more an able to do battle with.

I loved her edge and southern attitude, the fact that she didn’t suffer fools for long and was able to execute her attitude and derision when she had to with pin point accuracy.

But as much as I loved Morgan, I was completely smitten with Cal. Saying that I think I would find it hard for anyone not to fall in love with the guy, he had it all going on- if you cut him in half he would bleed, red white and blue, he was the quintessential sexy, all American guy.

Cal was a grafter, he worked hard and as Morgan was about to find out, when he stepped up and made his feeling known, I wasn’t sure is she was going to be able to get with the programme because with his mind set, he was playing for keeps.

I think the best way to describe the ensuing romance would be to say that this is everything you would want and more. Morgan and Cal were a superb couple, they worked hard and played harder, the fought not only for what they wanted but also what they were beginning to build together. They had a beautiful romance and that is the most perfect way for me to encapsulate the whole story, it was a beautiful romance.

Topic: Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

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