by Jordan Marie

It feels like it has been forever since I got stuck into a darn good MC read and it was just a few chapters into reading this the first in the new series from Jordan Marie that I started to realise…that darn it but I have missed this genre.

Devil had everything that you would expect from a story that is full to the brim with bada** bikers and their women. It nailed its colours to the mast early on and never shied away from the fact that this was a story that revelled in being as raw, dark and brutally honest as these guys could muster.

I was agog by the time I have finished the first chapter and that feeling never actually left, I felt brutalised by a cast of characters that seemed determined to not only fight for everything they wanted and needed but also to ensure that I didn’t stray from what they had to say. They were gloriously addictive and ultimately realistic and that is a winning combination in my book! I both loved and hated then with equal measure throughout the book but what I couldn’t deny was that by the time ii finished the last sentence, I was totally smitten, especially with the force of nature that was the ubiquitous Devil!

The man was shameless and that totally won me over, he knew his faults but didn’t care to change them, he knew his strengths and used them to his full advantage and he knew his mind…which is why when he set his sights on Torrent there was never a doubt that he would get his woman.

What I didn’t expect was the fact that in order to do so he would be willing to change as much as he did and I don’t think she expected it either. She pushed every single one of his buttons and relished telling him no…even though she knew that it was the last thing she wanted to say.

Just how long could she hold out?

What would happen when he learnt all the secrets that he held so close?

Filled with a strong edge of angst this had attitude to spare and did everything in its power to ensure that I would find it difficult to put down.

As I approached the last chapter I knew that the author was going to make sure that had questions that would remain unanswered but with more of the series to follow I can only say…When is the next book because I can’t wait!

Storytelling of the very highest order, great characters both main and secondary, fantastic descriptions and a level of suspense that never dipped, very highly recommended.

I have my MC mojo back – thank you Ms Marie.


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