An Act of Salvation by KC Lynn

I think I know what I want to say but I am struggling to find words that can possibly do what I have just read justice…this book was freaking amazing!!!  KC Lynn, woman you completely rock!

The second book in the Acts of Honor series, An Act of Salvation can only be described as the glorious creation of an author at the top of her game.

The story brings back some characters that you will have already come into contact with if you have read book one but don’t panic, it is not essential, this is perfectly placed to stand its own ground.

Katelyn Slade had the sort of upbringing that will bring you to tears, Oh, did I forget to mention that you will need a rather large stock of tissues, sorry I should have laid that out at the very start of this review because I guarantee you will be crying ugly way before you get half way!

Her folks set my teeth on edge and had the palms of my hands twitching – I was so angry I think I could have been slowly edging towards hyperventilating, really they were despicable.

But Katelyn didn’t suffer alone, her brother Kolan was another victim of their parent’s cruelty but when he had managed to garner enough money he took what mattered most to him, his sister and headed to North Carolina. With family nearby, they set about finding the life they know they should have, their own normal.

Katelyn finally achieves everything she had wanted when she opens her own salon but when Kalon is subject to accusations that she knows are completely unfounded and disappears, it is Katelyn’s turn to repay the faith that Kolan has all those years ago when he got them out of Montana, she has to find out what is going on but she can’t do it on her own.

With few options on where she can turn, she faces the man that she never wanted to see again, the man that left her heart completely shattered, Nick.

Katelyn is the last person Nick ever thought he would hear from again, their time had passed and it had not ended well, so when she enters his life again, his life may have just slid into unchartered territory. Because despite being left slack jawed from her initial call, he is on the first flight to North Carolina.

Nick has a past that rivals Kalon and Katelyn in as much as he has never had the parental love that as a child you need to feel, the torment he had because of the situation with is mother was palatable and in a way it has plagued his adulthood. He has trust issues and absolutely no desire to ever be at the mercy of anyone else. Nick broke my heart, his story was so emotional, so engaging that I couldn’t read through the tears, I had to stop and take a breath.

The connection between the two of them was smouldering, it crackled and fizzed to life but was it destined to make it all the way? Would they be able to get over the way things had been left before?

It was impossible not to get drawn in by the emotion of the story, but when they finally reached the point of no return, it was gloriously intense.

Oh and ladies beware of a man wielding a very dirty mouth, he will drive you insane.

The story had so many plus points, so much going on that it needs you to be on top of your game, it needs you to be willing to completely buy in to their pain and by doing so you will be able to completely enjoy the fruits of their journey.

There were secrets just waiting to pop out of the woodwork and lies that meant that everything seemed to have an ulterior motive, I was completely consumed by the story and the passion that poured off every page.

As I have already said, this is a book that oozes quality, desires understanding and deliver exactly what the characters needed, the author gave them a voice and made sure that through her words we got to not only hear but feel their story.

Topic: An Act of Salvation by KC Lynn

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