Tempting Justice

by Fiona Archer

Where have you been all my life, Mr Heath Justice???

Completely smitten that is all I can really say, totally and utterly fallen head over heels for this story…Heath and London were superb!

Every paragraph drew me in, they had me completely captivated, the witty banter and smouldering sexual tension was fabulous and when the two of them took their relationship to the next level…well it was sensational!

The author produced a book that was beautifully written, covered all its bases and covered not only itself but her in glory, I have been completely blown away. The Justice brothers are a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to get the next story.

So what about this, well Heath thought he had an easy arrest on his hands when he caught someone trying to break into his new partner’s home, little did he know that it was his sister London.

And when mister sexy a**ed Heath meets the sassy indignation that is London, let’s just say that cupid didn’t hang around, this pair were instantly on the same page..woohoo!!!

I adored that fact that this was more than just them and the relationship that developed between the two of them, no this was a fabulously depicted drama, one that focussed on issues that I could relate to immediately.

London was a writer but looking to step out of her usual genre and dip her toes into the world of crime/murder mystery but can she or is it all a pipe dream, well getting caught breaking in is hardly an auspicious start!

The book carry’s over a little from the first story in as much as the brothers are still doing everything they can to figure out what exactly what was going on with the organisation that Harley’s dad was involved with but time change and they’re soon distracted when another murder is thrust upon them but this time it is London’s friend that is the victim, is there a connection??

Topic: Tempting Justice by Fiona Archer

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