Kincaid by Marie James

A sucker for a MC story and definitely partial to ex-military alpha males I had a feeling that I was always going to be onto a winner with this book, I just didn’t know how much.

The story had a little bit of everything thrown into the mix but it had a whole lot of Diego “Kincaid” Anderson and too much of him is never going to be a bad thing!

Emmalyn was running out of options fast, her abusive relationship with her husband was heading to a place that she wasn’t likely to come back from, it was now or never if she wanted to get away , but leaving on her own accord was something I just didn’t feel she would have been able to achieve.

She had been through so much, so when her dimwit of a husband had the audacity to hit her once more, he definitely wasn’t paying any attention to who was around because lifting his hand to her in front of Diego was his biggest mistake. The ass-kicking that followed was testament to that!

This sexy biker wasn’t about to watch this sorry excuse of a man beat on a woman, not in this lifetime! Stepping in to help her out may have been a surprise to her but she would quickly learn that there is more lying under all those tattoos than just muscle.

There was something about this woman that drew him like a moth to a flame, he couldn’t not step in, his soul was screaming at him that she was his to protect, that this beautiful woman was meant for him. Emmalyn had everything that he wanted in a woman and now that he had her, he just needed to know, what to do with her, did she feel the same or was she with him out of gratitude for the fact that he saved her from her husband?

I loved the fact that he questioned how she would feel about him,that he understood that she might feel that she had to be with him, that she owed him almost. The longer he has her around the more he knew what he was feeling but he almost needed her reassurance that what they had was going to give them a future.

Emmalyn was a wonderful woman, so kind, so compassionate and her compassion had earned her a new home and a new family because each and every member of the club was family and treated her so, she mattered to all of them.

I adored the connections that were formed in the club. The story had a lot going for it, it was full of drama and more than a tinge of suspense woven through the storyline but it was Diego and Emmalyn that stole the show, they might not have had a conventional start but what they had was solid, it was full of desire and emotion.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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