by Sawyer Bennett



Garrett is a player to all that know him, player on the ice and player off it but he’s never wanted anything else, so that makes it all ok – doesn’t it?

Life and soul of the team and the party, Garrett always has a woman on his arm, sex on his mind and a joke in the air but the joke is on him when Olivia enters his life because for the first time he wants more and she is not having any of his shenanigans.

One chance meeting and he has met his ideal woman, she is drop dead gorgeous but she is funny and sharp, all the required traits to keep this playboy in line. But this sharp tongued firecracker has heard all about his wild ways and his side of the bed is not for her – not in this lifetime – or so she would have professed at one time, but things are different now, she is in the fight of her life and life is for living – so why not have a little fun with the jock!

With no expectations, their one night is woefully inadequate, one night is just not enough. They can’t keep their hands off each other but with Olivia hiding her truth from Garrett you know that the two of them are going to come off that cloud with a bump and it is going to happen pretty sharpish.

Facing up to the fact that she has no option but to tell him the truth, Olivia lays it out for Garret but when he finds out I have to say he shot right up in my estimation because this reformed manwhore – is in for the long haul and this is not a fight he is willing to walk away from and is not one he is willing for them to lose, no matter what it takes.

I think I always knew that he was a good guy under all that bravado, he had it all going on but they all married up into one good old fashioned guy who fell hard for the right woman and wanted to keep her. No half measures, in any aspect of his life up until now and he wasn’t about to start now when he had the biggest fight of his life ahead of him – keeping his woman.

Olivia’s issues are serious but handled with absolute aplomb by the author, she wasn’t afraid to show her fear and to although she did some things that were a little dubious, I had to admit that in her shoes I may have just said f**k it and given up.

Although Olivia and Garret are the main features of the book and their journey takes its rightful place at the head of the story I was delighted that we got to spend more time with Alex and Sutton from the first book. Garret and Alex are just top notch, they are fabulous characters and Sawyer Bennett aced it when she put pen to paper and brought these guys to life but I have to say that I am keen to learn more about the new guy – Stevie because his introduction and his first meeting with Garret made me smile from ear to ear.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series, if it is anything like the first two then I’ll hold on to my hat because I have a sneaky feeling that I may be in for a ride and a half!!