A Portrait of My Love by Jennifer Young

There is something about this that I have to admit had me puzzled but being the first in a series I am living with the optimism that the author has the whole thing planned and the questions that I am still scratching my head about will come to fruition in the rest of the series.

Based in Italy, around Lake Garda the author couldn’t have picked more beautiful setting and she didn’t skimp on her descriptive tones, she brought the Italian beauty of some of the world’s most stunning scenery to life at my fingertips.

Zack and Skye are completely perfect for each other but like you would expect in a romantic novel, it isn’t that easy. There is an unsettling undercurrent that seems to threaten any chance they have.

I got that her relationship with Zack was a gamble, he had been married before and wasn’t exactly known for being the shy retiring type but he had found his forever with Skye, that he knew and the fact that she wasn’t willing to accept that love was a real shame.

Walking away from Zack and heading off to Italy on a vacation with her best friend Leona, has Skye seriously in my bad books, really woman what are you thinking. I get that she hasn’t had much guidance on what it is actually like to love someone but surely she must be able to hear what her own heart is saying or is it that she just doesn’t like what it has to say?

Italy holds a lot of secrets, the least of which is the fact that Zack turns up in the same place and the biggest of which is the feud that is raging between Leona’s family and the Family that owns the hotel where they happen to be staying.

Now, nothing good comes from that sort of malice, and Skye and Leona are slap bang in the middle of it. Will the subterfuge that surrounds the whole situation mean that the two of them have bitten off more than they could possibly chew in beautiful Italy?

Does absence make the heart grow fonder well who knows because with Zack being nearby mean I couldn’t help but think that Skye would regret her decision to walk away and change her mind?

I wanted her to actually feel for him what he felt for her but I just didn’t know that with everything that was going on she had it in her.

And what the heck will happen between her and Leona because family drama has put Skye is what can only be described as a dangerous situation, how much of that did Leona know before they arrived.
I think this has a fairly broad appeal but I have to say that I think that this can easily be described as a proper romance.


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