Nothing Else Matters

by Blair Babylon


This is one series that I am very sorry to be saying goodbye too.

But if you have to wrap up what has been an exceptional body of work then this is a master class on how to do just that.

Nothing Else Matters is the culmination of Xan and Georgie’s story.

Kidnapped at the end of the last book, Georgie is now in the hands of Tatiana and this sociopathic Russian is determined to make her pay.

But she will spare Xan if he not only steps away but he stays away. Georgie thinks that she has secured Xan’s safety but she underestimates the love this man has for her.

Georgie is convinced that she is getting what she deserves, that her karma is has come full circle.

Xan may have other ideas.

I cannot tell you what goes on in this book, and I say that only because to be honest I really don’t want to.

I want you to buy the book and experience it for yourself.

I want you to get to know characters that you will come to consider as friends, characters that will come to matter and characters that you will love unconditionally.

And I don’t just mean Xan and Georgie.

Lizzy and Theo, Wulf and Rae – all of them, they are not just secondary characters, they are so much more than that.

This is an exceptional series that welcomes you into a world that the author controls with masterful skill, your emotions will be shredded as you turn each and every page.

Blair Babylon, left no emotion untouched, no stone unturned in her endeavour to write a story that will stand the test of time.

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