A Man of Honor by Ethan Radcliff


Dominic Esposito knew from a young age where his future lay, where his career would take him and that was ok with him, because being a cop was all he ever wanted but now having left the force and joined the US Marshal’s his life is headed in a new direction and just professionally.


Because personally he has a new relationship under way his marriage that spanned two decades fell apart.


I liked Dominic, he was a man not a boy, he had years under his belt, life experiences that made him come to life on the page and I loved the fact that he at the age of 45 was finally getting to find out exactly who he was, what made him tick and what it was like to have what you want in life.


What he wanted was to be able to flex his long repressed dominant tendencies and for that he needed someone to complete the deal – that was the beautiful Shauna, she was as perfect a submissive as he could have ever dreamed of.


And together they were working hard at tempting the dominant Dominic out into the real world. He had spent so long in a marriage that shackled him in every manner that now he was free, he didn’t know how to cut loose, luckily for him Shauna did!


Shauna is a local businesswoman, she has her own store but she also has a need that Dominic can fill for her, she makes no bones about the fact that she enjoys her submissive nature and when the two of them get together they really are the perfect match.


But danger, mystery and intrigue is never far from Dominic, his job is one that keeps him on the wrong side of danger 24hours a day and that means that at times those around him are in the line of fire too.


As a Marshal. Dominic was juggling many facets of his work and for much of the story there was two distinct tasks under way but of everything he did, what really fascinated me was the way he could get inside the head of the criminal, he could profile them, read what made them tick and could predict almost not only they were doing and what he thought they were going to do next, but more importantly how to catch them.


But it really did mean that he was living in the firing line of the bad guys and by association so was Shauna.


But what do you get when you have a hard as nails, honest to goodness man of honor, a dominant creature who believes in nothing but right and wrong and you threaten his woman – Dominic is what you get and damn you had better be ready to run because he was electrifying!!


The story was captivating, the connection between Dominic and Shauna was intense and the tone of their relationship was pitched to perfection, the intensity and attention to details was nothing short of first class.


It was a beautifully written, totally engaging read and I was swept away by it.


One word of warning, Pay Attention!!!  Don’t take anything for granted while you are reading this story because there are a few surprises along the way that will have you shaking your head!