Falling for His Best Friend by Katee Robert


I dip in an out of the Entangled Brazen books as a sort of comfort blanket – I know exactly what I am getting with these books and in a way that comforts me.

Falling for his Best Friend – sort of gives the game away really, the book does exactly what the title says it will and it gives us the story of two lifelong best friends who’s relationship turns to much more than they had ever really considered was destined for them.

It is funny in places and had the sizzle factor seriously turned up in other parts but primarily it was a good honest romance and I loved it.

Avery and Drew have been friends since they practically set their first foot through the door of their elementary school but no matter what they have been through growing up – they are about to head into uncharted territory – because due to a family genetic issue Avery has decided that she wants to have a baby and she wants it now!

Drew on the other hand is the ultimate commitment-phobe – family sure can screw you up as a kid and his father’s drinking is the source of his angst. But as much as that eats away at him, what he really fears more is the thought of Avery having a baby with anyone else– if she wants a baby then she can have one but there is only person stepping up to fulfil that task! Honestly I had to smile when I read this – he was so hopelessly in love with her but couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

But Drew’s idea of being a sperm donor and  what society expects from said sperm donor differed greatly – well I suppose that isn’t really true – just Drew’s method of insemination was a little way off  base – he was going all out in the baby making duties and that meant getting up close and very personal with Avery.

They both have unresolved feelings for each other – or maybe that should be undisclosed feelings but the harder they hint the wider they are from the mark – I could have bashed their heads together, I mean honestly how long does it take to see that the man that is trying to get you pregnant is not just your best friend but the man you have loved all your life – every major moment they have been through together – being parents was always going to be done together – fate had always had plans for this pair.

Avery was a great character, a strong determined woman and she had a lot going for her, Drew just made my day – he was funny and loving, he may have been through the mill with his dead beat dad and he may also have been around the block a bit when it comes to the number of women he has kept entertained shall we say, but for him Avery is his constant – she always has been but  his worry that he is like his father and that she deserves better than him grated on me slightly but then again so did the fact that it just seemed to peeter away in some respects.

But overall I have to say I loved the story, the characters entertained me and the series continues to draw me in.