Forsaken by Lisa Renee Jones

This is no longer about Amy, it is Chad her brother that is front and centre in the story. And I have to say is story is just Wow!!

Amy has absolutely no idea what has happened to been happening to her brother, he has been off the grid for a while now. But the truth of the matter is far worse that she could have ever imagined.

Chad has been held captive, been tortured daily and all for something which he has no hope of ever being able to divulge.

His captors have it in their heads that he can tell them what they need to know, but that is never going to happen, torture or not.

When his chance of freedom appears it also looks like it has brought its own set of strings with it, and Chad is reluctant to accept things at face value, there has to be an ulterior motive- right?

Everybody seems to want something from him, rather than just wanting him?

Anyway Gia sets him free and although Chad knows that there is more to her than just a kind heart, he is at least a free man again, sort of.

His wariness is well founded but I have to say that the connection between Chad and Gia was well worked.

She keeps her motives under wraps for longer than I would have liked but that only added to the mystery of the whole scenario. But when it all blows up, I have to say that she really comes into her own, he is as tough as old boots, with an attitude to match. I loved the fact that she let nothing stand in her way, she rose to each and every challenge – she was one tough cookie!

Chad on the other hand, I got that he had been through more than I could ever imagine, but at times I found his behaviour hard to accept, he was unnecessarily harsh and mean and sometimes he treated Gia with what was verging on contempt almost and that was aggravating because she didn’t deserve it.

This was a seeper of a book, you know the sort- it gently, subtly creeps under your skin, the characters work their way into your subconscious and the plot keeps you guessing.

Loved the opportunity to catch up with characters from the previous books.

A book that as part of the series was a great read.