I'm Only Here for the Beard

by Lani Lynn Vale

There is nothing that this author writes that I have not loved and this is no exception, although I will admit that as fabulous as Sean and Naomi are they are in a series that is crammed full of amazing men and their women, so they had still competition for my adoration, and hands up, I have to say that they weren’t far from the top of my favourite LLV characters.

Naomi has secretly lusted after a guy for much longer than she would ever care to admit out loud but she realises it is never going to go anywhere where when he gets hitched, if anything it galvanises her into taking the steps she should have taken much earlier…she needs a fresh start.

So, she heads off to start a new job and a new partner!

Sean is a great guy, much more sensitive than I thought he was going to be, not sure why I had that impression but I was secretly pleased at the man and his magnificence! He is still reeling after he discovers that his woman didn’t want him, she was secretly connected to another of the brothers in the MC, (how you will have to read to see), so not only did Sean lose his woman but it drove a wedge between him and a man that he needed to know would have his back if ever he needed it, a man he saw every single say …it was far from easy to accept, I thought his dilemma was one that added an exquisite twist to the story.

Thrown together through their work, oh had I not said that Naomi was Sean’s new partner…sorry!

I think Sean felt that he was going to have to keep her at arm’s length because it was easier to deflect the pain from his last heartache by ensuring that no matter the fact that Naomi was very attractive, there was no option that as colleagues they could get involved…pfft! Deluded fool!

They both discovered rather quickly that they had rather a lot in common and despite the fact that neither of them was particularly looking for a new relationship, they couldn’t deny the fact that they were drawn to each other. They had to either take what fate was offering them and find a way to be together and once they got their heads around that they were off and running.

I loved this Sean and Naomi, their relationship, the banter and the emotionality they brought to the page was superb and I was totally engaged by the pair of them. Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing but I loved seeing characters from previous books and series and knowing that they had such a strong support network around them, I was certain that this time Sean had his woman!

Give this pair the opportunity to share their love with you, you will not be disappointed.

Topic: I'm Only Here for the Beard by Lani Lynn Vale

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