Hunt the Dawn

by Abbie Roads

A quick read, in as much as the flow was quick. I found the book itself took me longer than I anticipated but that might just be down to the fact that I am not normally a reader of paranormal stories but I read the blurb and really had to give this a try.

There were bits of the book that I totally engaged with and that I found I really enjoyed but that was balanced by certain aspects that didn’t sit quite so well with me but that isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the story as a whole because I did, I just didn’t get or like little bits of it.

I liked Lathan although I wouldn’t wish to have his gift for the world. He had an ability that while it benefited the FBI (he helped them track down the worst of the worst), I mean who the heck would revel in being able to read the thoughts of the sick and twisted. He is safer with the world at arm’s length, and because of that he deliberately avoids others at almost every given opportunity and because of that he is a little bit off the wall. Right up until the time he met Evanee Brown.

Now most of the time I liked Evanee, but she had the capacity to peeve me at times and that was a disappointment. She gave off the vibe of a girl that was able to stand up for herself but that wasn’t entirely the case and when she kept poking her tongue out well I could have clipped her round the ear it was so childish! The two of them had an almost instant interest in each other and the fact that Evanee was also gifted, only solidified the fact that they could very well be good for each other.

Evanee had been through so much, a childhood that was riddled with abuse and an escape that proved to be almost as traumatic. Haunted by memories and terrorised by nightmares, her gift much like Lathan is one that taints her very life, but is there more to her gift and does its subsequent impact on her life have wider reaching consequences? Only time will tell.

I thought the author had a deft touch with the situation and she presented two uniquely gifted individuals in such a way as to help me, the reader engages with them. I loved that for once Lathan could feel normal, could embrace what it is like to feel something for someone else and he definitely felt for Evanee, his purpose was to keep her safe but would the world that surrounded them make that promise impossible?

I finished the book thinking that this was more of a thriller, more suspenseful rather than paranormal but either way it was a great read. It was dark and I mean more than just a little tinted around the edges, it had some proper cause for concern in the storyline, it had more angst and attitude than I thought it as going to have and it certainly kept me guessing all along the way but what I really enjoyed was the human aspects of the story, the fact that the connection, the emotional and physical connection between Lathan and Evanee was one that I could believe.

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