Burn by CD Reiss

When I said that Control was my favourite book in the series so far – it was true at the time but OMG have I changed my tune now because this was immense.

The heartbreak and despair between Jonathan and Monica is breath-taking. I know it all adds to the angst of the story but I have so much invested in these two that it hurts to read about them hurting.

The story picks up at from the end of Control – the point where Monica has called it a day and left him. Believing that what they have between them will be ultimately detrimental to both of their futures, their careers and professions, Monica is finding it hard to be herself – the stigma of what she believes everyone thinks of her hangs over her like a cloud. She doubts her work – she has written lyrics that clearly could be determined to be about Jonathan but her depth of feeling make her reluctant to put them out there.

Separation is hard on both of them but on Monica it is torturous. He is a shadow of her former self without him. It is painful on her to be without him. Physically she is struggling and emotionally she is a mess but Jonathan will not back down – he is determined that as she was the one to walk away it has to be her decision to come back but he only wants her back if she is prepared to commit to him completely.

The author expresses the pain they are both feeling with a deft touch and exquisite intimacy. Of course it is obvious that they will eventually get back together but the dance that we are lead on up to that point is mesmerising.

The book ends on the mother of all cliff hangers – be warned!

Rating 5 out of 5