Beautifully Decadent by LA Fiore

I sort of got where this was going and in the main I was really impressed but there was the odd blip in my happy bubble along the way and primarily that was the “will they won’t” they nonsense that seemed to swerve and swindle its way through the first half of the story, it sort of stalled the flow somewhat initially.

As an ex-chef I loved the setting of the story, the restaurant environment, I know how intense that can be but it had nothing on the attraction between Avery and Rafe, they were cooking on gas for all the right reasons, although they seemed determined to sabotage their own happiness and while I got why they were behaving why they were, it didn’t mean that I had to like it.

But I stuck with them and I am happy to say that they won me over in the end, the connection between them was so strong that once it was unleashed there was no curtailing it, Woohoo!!what they felt almost took on a life of its own and while I might have thought it took too long to get to that point I was glad that they made it in the end.

There was subject matter touched upon in the story that had me reaching for the tissues and other times I was left desperately hoping that my over active imagination was playing tricks on me but I am happy to report that it all came good in the end, so it was a win win situation.

A sound read that was a bit of a builder for me, it took its time (maybe a little too much time in some places) but it showed skill and attention to attitude and detail.

Topic: Beautifully Decadent by LA Fiore

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