Carnal Desire by Sebastian Ex


This is book three in the series and I will say that so far it is my favourite, but I have a caveat to that statement, because while I am Ok with the whole BDSM scene in books, this might not be for everyone, because the author leaves absolutely nothing out in this story… it explores not only the Master/Slave relationship in detail but all that their relationship and lifestyle entails.

This is Nathan and Bianca’s story and I have been hanging out for Nathan’s chance to tell his tale since the start of the series, this man his so enigmatic, I just want to hear what makes this Master tick.

Now, while I don’t pertain to understand why Bianca is willing to live as Nathan’s slave, by the end of the book I accepted that it was most certainly her choice.

Bianca formative years have done just that formed and moulded her into the woman that she is today and that is something that emotionally she has had no say in, she endured and survived her childhood and it is something that plagues her but Nathan understand the trauma that she has been through and as determined as he is to make sure that nothing and no-one ever hurts her again, will he allow her to be the woman that he needs in return?

She had her reasons and I respected them, on-one knew her better that she did, or perhaps I have that wrong because Nathan certainly knew exactly what his woman both wanted and needed and he saw it as his life’s mission to make sure she got exactly that. Matthew and Brandon were by his side as he did everything in his power to save her from the demons that haunt her not only as she sleeps but through every waking hour.

Nathan was not at all what I expected in some respects, he was devoted to Bianca, and while their relationship is far from normal, love is. Loving someone is as basis as it comes, it is the groundwork upon which they built everything else and no matter the delectations of their relationship – what they had was what worked for them… but could it last?

The author took on some pretty tough subjects in this book but he gave them a dang good airing, the story was emotional, significantly more than I had considered it would be.

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