Fighting for Phoenix

by Lynne Leslie

Well, OMG this took me by surprise, if this is the authors first book then I have to say what the heck have you been up to because this was superb. It covered ever base and did so with a touch that was sensitive yet unyielding.

There was no opportunity to draw breath, no chance to take stock and nor would I have wanted there to be, the book took hold and quite literally never let go!

I covered the full range of emotions from the brightest smile to what was verging on abject misery and despair. I cried enough that I could hear my tears as the bounced off my kindle screen but I also held out hope for romance, I felt my heart swoon with glee only to be replaced with a darkness that the author allowed to tear right through me.

I wanted everything for Jayden and Phoenix, but the love they had was being put to the test, manipulated by someone who had nothing but darkness in his soul. Someone who was searching for a way to keep two souls that were desperate to hold firm…apart.

But would they succeed, could they see through the lies that were playing with their lives and survive the onslaught?

I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation and even though I have finished the book, that feeling remains as I have an urge to understand what the author is dreaming up for her next book.

Topic: Fighting for Phoenix by Lynne Leslie

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