A Date With The Devil

by Kira Adams


A horrific past or should I say a horrific ex, has Bryce living in a state of perpetual fear, terrified that he will be back to finish his perverted task.

Robbie was a nasty piece of work, he has attempt once to take her life but was unsuccessful (yep I know you had gathered that much) but that did not mean that he wouldn’t try find a way to come back and put an end to her and everything that his failure has heaped upon him but he cant get her if she stays indoors and hence Bryce remains behind closed doors.

But putting her life on hold isn’t doing her any favours, Robbie is in the wind and she has no idea whether he will ever surface again, she can’t possibly hide from him forever, no matter much she wants too. She has to find a way to battle her demons.

And then you get Tyson who I have to say deserves a medal for being quite possibly the most genuinely amazing man. He was staggering. His support and his love was relentless, he knew no limits and he owned my heart, lock stock and barrel.

The story highlighted with a deft touch as subject that envelopes the cruel side of human nature, a crime that for many goes completely unresolved and that all too often ends in unspeakable tragedy and for that alone the author needs to be commended but above all of the social aspects of the book’s impact the author deserves to be heralded for the fact that she presented to the world a book that while reserved and respectful of its subject matter was strong and creative.

Topic: A Date With The Devil by Kira Adams

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