My Vice

by BreAnna Mansfield

 A new MC series and what promise…this is one to keep an eye of for sure!

Both lead characters were affable, I found that I wanted to know what was going on in their lives and what made them tick. I completely fell for Stanton, he was the sort of guy that you want your man to be, every little bit of him screamed alpha but there was a sensitivity at his core that I don’t know if I have the words to describe. As VP of the Fallen Angels MC he had earned the respect of his “brothers” as they had his and there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for them but when it came to Schuyler, all bets were off, he would protect her at all costs, I had no doubt about that.

Stanton lives for the here and now and tries to leave his past where it belongs, refusing to allow himself to judge others on what they leave in their wake but I think what spoke to me more than other was his absolute honesty. He was very much a man of his word!

The other thing I admired about him was how he handled the situation with his mother and her addiction, I thought the author did a marvellous job showing just how difficult it is dealing with not only the addiction itself but the fallout from the actions of those under that influence. Nothing about that situation was good or easy and no matter how tough it was obvious that Stanton couldn’t turn his back.

Schuyler, was a woman that had faced her past head on, using the situation she had experienced with her father to solidify her inner strength, this was a woman that has a rod of steel running through her, a core of steel, built under duress and wielded as her defence mechanism as she fought to keep herself strong! Fiercely independent and as feisty as they come, Schuyler was a woman that didn’t suffer fools gladly.

I thought the author was able to use the pace of the book to mimic the flow of reality, these two had an intensity about them that the story used as its driving force. The action came thick and fast, pulling not only Stanton and Schuyler but also the other club members along with it, me well I was just hanging on to their tail pipe, enjoying the ride!

 This was a couple that were able to provide each other with what they needed. They were everything they needed to be when they needed to be, they had a passion that was electrifying and able to ignite from a sensual simmer to gloriously intense in the blink of an eye…I look forward to reading what this author has lined up for the men of Fallen Angels and their women next, it is so exciting!!!

Topic: My Vice by BreAnna Mansfield

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