The Jared Enigma by Jake Malden

Jared is back, damn is he!

Much like The Jared Effect this is not for the shy and retiring.

Jared, his wicked ways, smart mouth and explicit sexuality is an acquired taste but I have to say that I actually found him more acceptable in this book, but then again that might be because I have had a taste in the first book of what makes this seriously sexy badass tick.

There is nothing ordinary about Jared or about the way Jake Malden writes and in this book all preconceived notions were well and truly kicked into touch.

The situation between Jared and Vanessa, had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up, I was keen to see where the author was going to take them.

Vanessa had this cocky whipped, he was at a loss in some respects with how he felt about her and for me that was the edge I was looking for with this book.

I needed to see a different side of Jared and in this I got him!

But I am hanging out for more, because I’m not sure that I am ready to say goodbye to him just yet, I need to know how he handles this unexpected twist.