Love Always by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knobel

Phillip takes a little warming too but ladies this mummy’s boy might just be worth the effort.

I have nothing against a man that respects his mother – but Phillip has yet to shake off the spectre of a woman that does absolutely everything for him. He never questions anything she asks of him and at the age of eighteen I have to say he is a rare commodity but what happens when this golden child meets the sort of woman that his mother would never approve of – well wouldn’t you love for me to tell you!

Maggie, has a spirit that Phillip could only ever dream of, she is cut from a very different cloth but there is something about this cheeky roller-bladed whiz that has his interest piqued – although he knows that his chances of ever bumping into her again are remote.

Maggie on the other hand is quick to make a judgement of Phillip, she has seen his type before, wealthy, well to do mummy’s boys who expect the world to stop turning if they say so, well her merry-go round stops for no-one but her and she refuses to play by normal rules and she certainly isn’t ready to give Phillip the time of day.

But when they seem to spend so much of their time “accidentally” bumping into each other they are both surprised by the easy friendship that forms between them. So when they eventually get a handle on the fact that they are both feeling more than they had anticipated for each other, they accept the inevitable and arrange a date.

The relationship that blossomed between the two of them was beautiful, they were a very special couple and that the depth of feeling certainly came across the page.

But as you can imagine, Phillip’s Mother doesn’t take his new found happiness well, she issues the sort of ultimatum that I have no doubt Phillip and Maggie were expecting but it doesn’t make the decision any the easier to make.

The story isn’t straight forward but then again two young people from different sides of the track were never going to get everything right at the first attempt but they were willing to try and that had to be a positive.

I was a little surprised with the ending – not that it wasn’t a good one, it was but it wasn’t the ending that I had anticipated.

Topic: Love Always by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knobel

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