The Lost One by Liz Lovelock


Time is a great healer or so they say but no matter how much time has passed, you never completely get over the death/disappearance of any sibling let alone your twin sister.

When we meet Melody, we find a distraught young woman desperately alone following the disappearance of Abby. Charged with her murder Abby’s boyfriend is cleared of her death but everyone knows that he was not the sort of man that Abby was ever going to be able to just walk away from, an intensely jealous and violent man, she had little chance of getting away from him unscathed.

But with no satisfactory resolution Melodi fights to try and move on with her life.

Living the life that her sister and she had planned, we catch up with Melodi three years later following her move to New York, something the girls had promised each other that they would do.

Her new friend Flick has taken it upon herself to show Melodi the delights of the city and knowing her history she is determined to get her to cut loose a little. When they are out on the town one night, perched on the most precarious of heels, Melodi totters her way up the stairs at the nightclub, stumbling over she faceplants herself straight into the willing arms of a devastatingly handsome stranger.

One panty soaking kiss later and she is whisked out of the club by Flick, never destined to know his name. Or so she thought!

Sent on a job interview by Flick, Melodi eventually gets the call she has been waiting for – she nailed the interview and has bagged herself the job of personal assistant to CEO of Case Construction. Finally something is going her way or at lease she thinks so until she meets the man himself – because Corban Andrews is none other than her hero from the nightclub…. Shit!

Corban has been the subject of many of the usual bottom feeders in his circle, the women who only want him for his money and status, not who he is inside – talk about being treated like a slab of meat!

But for a fraction of a second, that night in the club he had a woman in his arms that knew nothing about his lifestyle and wanted him – who shared his kiss and returned it with as much passion as he had and who he could not get off his mind.

For him discovering that Melodi is the woman from the club and now his new PA is startling but can this man who has elegance, self-control and commands respect be tamed by the free spirited Melodi and her desire to live a life that she is now living vicariously for not only herself but her sister.

Well they can but try. But thinks worth having never come easy.. they both have trust issues understandably so but can they overcome the problems and make a life for themselves?

Of course not! Neither of them have what it takes to get a relationship of to a smooth start – they both let their baggage get in their way but when a part of Melodi’s past rears its ugly head, her life is now far from ordinary, it is in danger.

Making what could possibly be construed as foolish mistakes, Melodi does her best to prevent her two worlds from colliding – little does she know that she has no control over what is going one anymore, her past is now promptly front and centre, whether she likes it or not.

Corban is a sweet guy who is screaming out to be loved and Melodi is just the woman for him. They are a perfect match in an imperfect situation but when the twist arrives at the end of the book it had me screaming out loud and counting the days until I can get my hands on the next story.

Will they get what they deserve – each other and a happy ever after – god I hope so!