The Cornerstone

by Kate Canterbary


I didn’t know if this was going to be for me or not – I had a hankering that it might be too much of a battle of wills.

I was convinced that two strong characters were going to give me more angst than I was prepared to deal with but truth be told I was mistaken because while they were in essence both characters that were able to command a page, when they eventually shared what they had on the inside it became blatantly apparent that as strong as they were, they were a force to be reckoned with together.

Shannon was a woman that held nothing back either professionally or in private but the trauma of her past and the effects of her childhood have left a mark that she has had issues dealing with internally but that hasn’t stopped her finding her feet and forging her way in the world.

William operates in a world that commands nothing but respect and determination, he is a SEAL special ops and a darn good one at that. He carries within him the perfect traits for someone in that field because boy is he one tough nut to crack. This man doesn’t do anything at less than full tilt, he gives it his all and because of that he has never had what could possibly be construed as a relationship… but then again neither has Shannon.

But when their siblings decide to tie the knot they cross paths and while it was only every meant to be a short term thing (in their heads perhaps) all it took was one little kiss and this delicious love train was off and running.

But what they have is far from a smooth ride. William of course is out of the country on deployment for long periods of time and Shannon has a whole family of brothers to keep in line, never mind her career.

But they were at least willing to try…weren’t they?

Could they show each other that they could make what they had started work, or would circumstance and stubbornness beat them to the punch?

I wanted them to be the couple they were but on the other hand I didn’t, I wanted Will to show Shannon that she didn’t need to be the superwoman that she thought she did and that with him she could relinquish some of that control. I just wanted her to cut herself a little more slack.

A well written story that was more than able to capture and hold my attention.

Topic: The Cornerstone by Kate Canterbary

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