The Runner's Daughter

by Jessica McCrory

Action packed from the get-go, this was a well written entertaining read.

I thought the characters had enough going on to stop me for drifting and the pace of the read made sure that I was encouraged to keep a steady timber. I think it would be easy to get distracted with the story, the fact that it was told in the third person was a break from the norm for me at the moment, I seem to spend so much time reading for the characters points of view that it took a little recalibrating to get myself back in the swing of third party, but once I had it was a breeze.

Jemma has a father that I totally despised. The guy was a total piece of work who for the most part was ambivalent to the fact he had a daughter all, unless of course it suited him. He was totally immersed in his business, when he should have put a little more care into being a parent but then again, some people just don’t seem to play by the same rules as the rest of us and that was very much the case here, because in both business and family life Jemma’s father was well and truly on the dodgy side of the fence.

Caid was just the sort of I wanted for Jemma, he was as solid as a rock, honest and astute, really there was little that this hard as nails FBI agent didn’t do right and that included being the guy that Jemma needed in her life.

Jemma was a match in every way, it was difficult to see her as part of her father’s world, she had almost inserted an invisible divide, she was everything he wasn’t.

Whilst the two of them took a little time to find a path that would work for them, I wasn’t surprised that they hit more than one or two roadblocks along the way, I couldn’t help but root for them. Jemma deserved Cain, and vice versa

As a standalone read I thought this came across well but there are secondary characters that I would like to hear more about, so I will be looking out for more works from this author.

Topic: The Runner's Daughter by Jessica McCrory

Date: 26/09/2020

By: BettyRet

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