Marked by Charisse Spiers

I didn’t know exactly what to expect with this book and I think in some respects that is a good thing because the twists and turns that popped up throughout the pages really took me by surprise.

This is an emotional book, it has a sort of dark(ish) undercurrent but for me, I didn’t think it was an overtly a dark book, I would say that it was deliciously sexy, and completely entrancing the whole story just blew me away.

I adore Kaston, that may of course be a strange thing to say given the true nature of his character but I think when you look under the surface and get underneath the hard ass character that he portrays, you find a man that has a heart the size of Texas.

He is alpha to the absolute core and as sexy as sin but that doesn’t even begin to describe the man. He is the man that everyone’s momma tells you to steer well clear of- he is all sorts of bad!

But if you are his, there are no ends of the earth that he wouldn’t go to keep you safe… pick me up off the floor now!

But could he find the woman to own his heart? Moreover the woman that would be able to deal with his brand of crazy.

So, what was I thinking when Luz burst onto my kindle. Well she had Kaston’s equal plastered all over her – she could have been custom designed especially for him.

She was a call it as it is type of girl, who doesn’t suffer fools and refuses to pull her punches, but could she overcome the events of her past that plagued her in order to have a future.

I liked Luz, I liked her strength, I liked her attitude and I liked her vulnerability but most of all I loved the fact that when you got her and Kaston together the heat could be felt blazing through the pages.

This isn’t just a book, it is an experience, it’s heartfelt, indulgent and dangerous, and everything you could possibly look for.

I really enjoyed the book, I got completely caught up in the characters and although some of the situations drew the most almighty of sighs from me, I was completely engrossed.