The Naked Truth

by Vi Keeland

When I saw this book had released early I was tempted to stop what I was reading at the time and jump right on it, but nope, I was a responsible reader and finished what I was on first. But good lord, I was no sooner finished one book that I found my obsessed fingers skimming merrily over the screen of my kindle, dancing their way happily towards the front cover…and what a pretty cover it is!
I have read so many books by the fabulous Ms Keeland but I have to say that this is one of my favourite of her books to date, it was full to the brim with detail and not just any old flimflam, nope she packed each page with authenticity and attitude.
Gray and Layla, were both exceptional characters on their own but when they were paired up that was magnified to such a level that I couldn’t read their story fast enough.
I loved the fact that Gray was so expressive, that he wasn’t afraid to go for what he wanted and didn’t shy away from letting his feelings be known and with Layla he had his woman and he didn’t care what he had to do to show this independent professional that he wanted his place by her side.
Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing they had their ups and downs, but I was more than happy to take that journey with them because it felt as if I was watching friends find their happy place. The fun, the banter, the bickering and the anguish all just spoke to me and added to the realism of the situation.

Topic: The Naked Truth by Vi Keeland

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