Fallen Saint

by Monica James

Book Two in the series and this didn’t just continue with the magnificence that was Saint and Willow, nope this had so much more and having laid the book down a couple of days ago it has taken me until now to actually level out enough to know what I want to say.
Right about now in a review I would normally tell you all about how fabulous the story was, how I loved the characters and how I can’t wait until the next book, all while I try not to hit on any spoilers.
Well whilst all of the above is definitely true the difference is that I can’t just tell you all this and hope that you get the hint, nope I am pleading with you …this series is fantastic you have to give it a try…Please!!!!
From start to finish I felt an affinity with the story, the events as they unfolded racked my emotions and left me pondering just how much the characters had and continued to endure.  
With the concluding book of the trilogy due soon I can say no more than if you are looking for an intensely satisfying read then you need look no further because this is everything, you could possibly want.

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