Loving Disaster

by Alex. L Michaels

This might be book three in the series, but I would beseech you to give it a go because like the others, this can very easily be read as a standalone story.
Aster, has the unfortunate knack of being a trouble magnet, she doesn’t have to do anything particularly out of the norm for her life to be turned totally on its head because angst just seems to be able to track her down no matter how hard she tries to avoid it.
But despite all of her mishaps, I loved the fact that when she got the bit between her teeth and settled down to review her situation, she didn’t shy away, nope she was resolute and absolutely set on solving the puzzle that had grandfathers’ letter and the map had stirred in her. Because as much as she misses him, she knew that he wouldn’t have left her the letter and map if they hadn’t been important and that filled her with a determination to fulfill the search, he left for her and decipher what exactly the map is hiding.
Hunter, might have been the professor she was looking for to help with her quest but I wasn’t sure at first as to whether I was going to be much help, and I say this in as much as the fact that he came across differently depending on just how much alcohol he had in his system – pie-eyed and he was hilarious, sober…well he was questionable much of the time. And I mean that quite literally because his drunk and sober self often seemed at cross purposes!
I loved the literary anecdotes, the fact that Aster was a book worm, a lover of the classics who relished her life with her Grandfather. She was happy in her world, but when life challenged her, I loved that she was willing to face those challenges, maybe not entirely head on but at least with everything she had.
She didn’t do half measures and that was endearing.
There is of course plenty of action, a whole load of questionable decisions and enough angst to keep me turning the pages at a rate of knots, I was chomping at the bit to see if they were able to not only unravel the mystery but also work out exactly what was going on between the two of them, because it didn’t take long for the fact that there was something definitely drawing the pair of them together to become blatantly apparent no matter how much they tried to stave it off. The love/hate push and pull was fabulous.
A great read that shouldn’t be skipped past, because once you stop and give them the chance to draw you in…you won’t be able to put them down!

Topic: Loving Disaster by Alex. L Michaels

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