Promise of a New Beginning

by Addison Cole

This was an emotional rollercoaster, I never knew from one chapter to the next which emotion the author was going to play with next.

One second, I had the biggest smile on my face and my heart was practically giddy and the wham!  I could feel the tears streaming down my face even before I had the opportunity to completely take stock of the fact. I was totally swept away by this pair, they were totally consuming!

Savannah was on a mission to find peace, to embrace a little time for herself away from all the upheaval and pressures that life not only had her under but that continued to take a toll. She knew that she had to do something drastic and I must admit that her decision to head into the middle of nowhere, a wooden haven with no access to modern distractions seemed like a fabulous idea, time for self-reflection and to recharge her batteries.

Little did she know that he biggest distraction was waiting for her in those woods.

Jack was a glorious character, I took to him straight away, a man on the edge, drowning almost in an anger at the world that he can barely contain, still struggling to accept and move past the loss of his wife despite the fact that he has had two years to grieve. He needs more time, a change of perspective perhaps or maybe he just needs a shock to the system and with the arrival of Savannah in his life, that is exactly what he gets because things are never going to be the same again.

He didn’t want to feel drawn to Savannah, if truth be told he didn’t want to feel anything at all, but he couldn’t deny the awakening he felt in his life with her around him. He made him feel again and that was something he had never thought possible.

They were a passionate pair, they just seemed to be the tonic that each other needed and that made what they had and the possibility of what was to come even more tantalising.

Cleverly constructed and fabulously well written this was joyous, thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.


Topic: Promise of a New Beginning by Addison Cole

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