Riveted by M A Stone

The first of the Drawn Series, I enjoyed this, not saying that it was perfect because I thought it had had room to grow but it was more than enough to be starting with.

The book is Bleu’s story and after discovering her fiancé and boss together, she ends up with no jobless and heading back home.

Hoping to piece her life back together she hadn’t bargained for the fact that things have changed at home and despite the connection between them, her twin brother Alex is being less than forthcoming with what is going on in his life. Secrets are never good!! Working and living together is not an environment that is conducive to being kept in the dark but sharing his home and working with him at his tattoo shop seems to be settling them up for additional drama, not exactly what she needs.

The situation with her father’s was complicated, the whole set of circumstances surrounding his incarceration and now following his release the issues he has trying to acclimatise to life out of jail was just one of many things that just seemed to be happening – I seemed to spend much of my time looking for more information, there was so much going on that keeping track of it in my head, left me spinning but in a way I get it if that was the authors intent because it kept me interested and with any luck my answers will be forth coming in subsequent books.

And to top that she has the fact that there is the delicious Jack to deal with – Jack is simply fabulous but can she trust not only him but herself enough to give them a chance? Past hurt comes into play when it is still fresh in your memory but can she give in and give them a chance?

The story was slow at times, unnecessarily so I thought but I have to admit that there was an abundance of humour and the characterisation as well formed. The plot was enough to keep me interested and the peripheral characters were intriguing – I can’t wait to read more of their story.

Overall a good read that has more left to give.