Broken Course by Aly Martinez

Sarah had been a bit of a Marmite character for me in the previous novel, I never completely took to her despite her back story but I have to say that given wings to fly solo and the opportunity to tell her own story and I soon changed my opinion of her, it was a slow process but I definitely warmed to her in this book.

I liked the fact that she was more put together, more complete and she had Leo.

Sneaking in from a previous book, “Among the Echoes” I was thrilled when I knew that he was to be such a prominent character in this Sarah’s story. While I was comfortable with his personality most of the time, I did find that his tendency to exceed boundaries on occasion and push things just a little too hard, sometimes a touch too close. His reluctance too completely open up was not only detracting at times but  it was I feel detrimental to the fact that Sarah needed transparency.

She needed to see that he could resolve his demons in order to accept that he was able to deal with hers also. 

But I got that this was grounded in reality and that not everything in life is the way that we feel it should be, everyone handles situations differently and between Sarah and Leo they handled their situation the way thaht was untimately the best for them.

The book was an emotional read, it dealt with issues that were difficult and intense but it handled it with consummate ease.

It cut a path through the difficulties that Sarah and Leo had both faced in the past and emerged surrounded by honesty and humour.

I enjoyed the fact that both of the main characters were able to engage me in their lives, make me feel empathy towards them and have me routing for them by the end.

A first class read – thoroughly enjoyable!