Tempt the Playboy

by Natasha Madison

There was so much about that wasn’t just tempting it was totally addictive. I adore the characterisation that Ms Madison is able to give her characters and this was no different, it had everything a great story should have and it had it all with a humour that I found totally engaging.

I had a feeling that there was something about the connection between Noah and Kaleigh that was going to keep me on my toes and I was not disappointed, their futile struggle to deny the inevitable was fantastic.

Noah was a man that didn’t wait for the world to come to him, he went out and grabbed life by the horns and made sure that if there was something or someone that he wanted…he got what he was after but when he met Kaleigh he was faced with the unthinkable…a woman that wasn’t interested in a do-over!

Kaleigh has one rule…one night is enough. She has no desire to get emotionally tied to anyone and lives by her own hit and run rules. It isn’t because she is flighty, quite the opposite it is her own form of self-preservation.

So, what happens when the alpha juggernaut that is Noah is headed of at the pass by the unmovable object that Kaleigh?

Well I will tell you what happens, magnificence that’s what!

Can Noah, break down her defences or will Kaleigh head him off?

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed not only the story but the character development and evolution, what made the story totally shine was the interaction, the conversation, the humour and implication.

This was a couple that worked for what they thought they wanted, never quite realising that them being together was as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning…and that little gem dawning on them was just glorious.

Topic: Tempt the Playboy by Natasha Madison

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