Harmless (Pier 70 #4)

by Nicole Edwards

There is very little that Nicole Edwards can do to upset me other than finish a series that is!!

This the final book in the series has wrapped everything up and it did so with a flourish, this was quite simply the best of the bunch.

The story made me cry, because I was going to have to say goodbye to some of the most fabulous men I have ever read, and considering the calibre of the guys that Ms Edwards has packed into some of her other works, I don’t make that statement lightly.

I love the fact that although this closes the door on the Pier 70 series, it pushed open the door to the Austin Arrows series, and having read the start of that series already, I am thrilled that I am going to have the guys that I am not quite ready to say popping up as the Arrows take flight!

Roan is the last of the guys that own Pier 70 to get their time in the spotlight and his secrets are about to be uncovered…and about time because he has had ne guessing for far too long. Happy in his own company Roan isn’t exactly the life and soul of the party, he is the definition of keeping himself to himself much to the annoyance of the other guys at Pier and this friends, especially Cam.

Now there was always more to be more going on than initially apparent but when Cam decides to push Roan on what the heck is going on with him, he wasn’t prepared for the answer that was forthcoming, it knocked him on his a**. Roan has a secret, a responsibility that he is doing everything he can to shoulder alone, but with friends like his, he should have known that he doesn’t have to so, why keep it to himself…well you need to read the book to get that explanation but what he may feel he is swamped by, with the help of his friends might just become manageable, he just has to let people in. But can he?

Seg (real name Colton) is the one guy that Roan has never forgotten, their one night together is imprinted on his brain but that was all it was, one very special night, he never thought he would ever see Seg again but when he shows up at one of Seg’s hockey matches, the flicker of what that one night meant to them both may just about be ready to re-ignite.

Only one thing that stands in their way, well, other than Roan and his particular situation, is the fact that Roan isn’t the only one with a secret and Seg knows that in his position, if his lifestyle become public knowledge he may lose everything he has worked so hard to achieve…and I found that to a real shame.

I loved seeing Seg again, this superstar on the ice has the world at his feet but his heart is kept under lock and key, as that is the only way he can balance his public and private persona’s because he knows that one indiscretion may be all it takes to turn the press and public against him and it is that pressure that has forced his hand and convinced him to keep his secret to himself but what about him, why is he making himself miserable in his attempt to keep everyone else happy. I could have cried for him, he deserved better and it was a shame he was willing to deny who he really was.

But good old fate was having none of it…because the strength of feeling that is ignited when they see each other …it would take the strength of a nation to keep them apart. They have a decision to make and take a step forward or leave the past behind them?

Please give these guys some of your time, you will not be disappointed, they will sweep you off your feet!

Topic: Harmless (Pier 70 #4) by Nicole Edwards

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