by Natasha Knight

I read the blurb and thought that this was one that was going to be right bit my street, and while I enjoyed the story I can’t say that I absolutely loved it.

The scenario that surrounded Lina and Damon was different, not something that I had read previously and although I know that it is a subject matter that isn’t unique, I have to say that I thought the author did a sterling job, I just couldn’t fit all the pieces together in my own mind and that rattled me.

Damon was six months out from the end of his seminary. Being a Priest looks like the path that has chosen him but is that all there is too it or can seeing Lina shake the last few doubts loose enough for him to take a long hard look at his lingering second thoughts?

Lina has a whole heap of issues that she carries around with her but will the guy that just happens to be about to dedicate his life to God be the one to save her and does she trust him enough to let him in on all the her secrets?

I thought the challenges of faith were interesting, Damon had a troubled decision to make but I thought the fact that he was even contemplating making a decision in the first place was answer enough, if he was tempted in any way, he wasn’t ready to complete his training and enter the priesthood.

With an element of forbidden lust and passion, this wasn’t as taboo as I thought it might be and maybe that was what I found distracting…who knows.

But what I will say is the fact that the author presented a story beautifully, it was very well written abd totally engaging, I HAD to finish it and that is always a good sign.



Topic: Disgraced by Natasha Knight

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