To Tempt an Earl by Kristin Vayden

To Tempt an Earl by Kristin Vayden


Spoiler Free, because this is one you really should discover for yourself - this was my first foray into regency romance but I can safely say that it will not be my last.

This is perfect escapism, complete and utter literary decadence that allowed me as the reader to immerse myself in the grandeur and spectacle of aristocracy.

To Tempt an Earl was pure fictional heaven, told with verve and descriptive vitality that held my attention from start to finish.  It’s descriptive quality was fabulous.

Bethany was a breath of fresh air, a modern woman in a genteel age – none too shy at making us perfectly well aware of her feelings for Graham – shame she couldn’t let Graham in on the fact!

He naiveté was sweet to some extent but infuriating in others. Could he really be that oblivious?

Graham appeared to be fighting his own feelings for what he envisaged was the greater good but Bethany was having none of it …..So what’s a girl to do? … Tell him of course and she was not one to be deterred.

After that kiss he could be in no doubt of her feelings for him.

Convincing her guardian the Duke that her heart and future lay with Graham was a completely different matter, could he not see that Graham was the man for her – the key to her future happiness? Graham and the Duke had history and as such the Duke saw Graham as his friend and gave little consideration to him as a possible suitor for Bethany.


Does the lady get and keep her man – well, you will find out as you make your way delicately through the page of a delightfully decadent period and feel the power of history and expectation upon you.


I loved some of the other characters – I understand that some of them have appeared in other books in the series but as this was my first book in the series, I did not find that I was detracted by the fact that I was not on intimate terms with all of the characters that I encountered – although I have to say that Lady Southridge is a gem!!


If you haven’t guessed by now I loved the book, the writing style was exquisite, the characters were fabulous, the period placement was perfectly judged and it had humour… first class


Rating 4.5 out of 5