by JC Valentine

Kicking off right where book one finished, this has bit more bite than the first book. Jami and Alyson have been trying to find their feet together but it has been far from easy and it doesn’t get any easier when Alyson’s work gets a little too close to home.

Trying to do what she knew was wrong but for all the right reasons, when she helps Victoria and Miles out of a really tough situation because it brings trouble to her door in a way that she just might regret…Victoria’s abusive husband Tony is a piece of work that Alyson could very well do without!

Actually I think I could have done without him to be quite frank, the guy was a repulsive snake, there is no level that he will not sink to in order to get what he wants and what he feels he deserves, he has contacts and fingers on every dodgy deal, I was just praying that he would get what he deserved…did I get my wish????

I liked that Jami was comfortable with the situation he was in with Alyson that he felt able to tell her that he loved her and that despite the fact that he still had a tendency to go all alpha(ish) he had grown into the relationship and they were making what they had work. He was a genuinely nice guy who I think I secretly had a crush on…or that might just have been his mouth, it was both filthy and fabulous!

If you can you should read books one and two in succession, these are characters that don’t necessary say too much but when they do it is worth listening!

Topic: Tapout by JC Valentine

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