The Thing About Love

by Kim Karr

This was the perfect definition of slow burner, the author took her time laying the foundations for the story and the characters before they all eventually came together and hit their stride and once that happened there was no stopping them, the story totally took off.

So, I would ask that you have a little faith…after all this is Kim Karr.

I thought the story was exceptionally sweet, with as much romance as you could possibly handle and enough laughter to lift even the dullest of days but in my opinion, I couldn’t help but wonder if there needed to be a little angst thrown into the mix.

But what was never in doubt, was the fact that Ms Karr dialled the heat level on this to inferno…seriously they more deliciously sinful than I could have ever imagined!

The story centred around Wedding Planner Juliette (aka Jules) and sexy as sin, brother of the bride Dr Jake Kissinger and let’s just say that while they may not have gotten off to the best start, they didn’t take long to rectify the situation. I not only laughed out loud at some of the goings on and found that on other occasions, they brought a flush to my cheeks.

It’s surprising where one unexpected bump in the road can and often does take you and in the case of this pair…well, all I can say is wow!! Because once they hit their stride, they were electrifying. I loved seeing the two of them evolve, seeing their relationship develop and watching how they forged something so strong together, despite the initial circumstances.

Beautifully written and wonderfully eclectic, this was a fantastic read and as my first book of 2018, I have to say it kicked the year of fabulously.

Topic: The Thing About Love by Kim Karr

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