Sexy Beginnings by Alexis Noelle

I picked this up knowing that I had read the books contained previously, but who hasn’t read a great book more than once! Alexis Noelle is an author that I find almost impossible not to gush over, there is nothing that she writes that I won’t read and I am yet to find a story that I haven’t actually fallen completely in love with and so having a box set of little beauties was a win win situation for me.



The first in the Deathstalkers MC Series, this will have you hooked from the first few pages, this is a book that you just can’t help fall for and moreover Lucy, at one point I thought my heart was broken.

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Keeping Her:

Love makes clever people do very stupid things and this story sums that up to absolute perfection. A second chance romance that was just so tantalising.

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Fall for Me:

Oh Madison. This is a story that you need to experience. Words are simply not enough this one brings all the feels to the party too

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Shattered Innocence:

There is so much going on in this book that I was completely swept away is a sea of angst and attitude.

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