Bossman by Vi Keeland

I am seriously becoming a Vi Keeland devotee. I have devoured so many of her books now that I am beginning to lose count but when the woman is able to produce guys like Chase Parker, from the depths of her imagination…do you blame me? 

Really the guy was just perfect, one of the most complete leading men I have read in a long time and now when I need a comfort read, a man to soothe my woes I have another top man to turn too.

Now, please note I said perfect back there and not flawless, because at times I could have hung my head ashamed of him, he was more than able to roll with a$$holes of the world but I actually think that, that side of him just made me fall that little bit harder.

A chance meeting and little light subterfuge to escape the date from hell and Chase wasn’t just earning brownie points he was working his was in and a darn good job he did too, but he didn’t get it all his own way…that was until Reese lands a job at his firm and then well all bets are off and Chase is in hot pursuit.

Reese might have thought that dating the boss was a bad idea but what was more foolish was her belief that she could escape him, really why would you?

I don’t think I have smiled so much reading a book in a very long time, he was just so darn funny that I couldn’t keep the corners of my mouth from turning up and a chuckle from escaping my lips. Really Ms Keeland should bottle him and sell his enthusiasm, it was infectious.

Refusing to see anything but what he wants and that of course is Reese, Chase does everything he can to win her over but she is no push over by any stretch of the imagination…see I knew there was a reason that she was meant to be with him, she was the only person that could handle him…although I think I would have loved a shot at handling him too!!

There was undertone that bubble below the surface in some aspects of the book that I feel drew me as the reader towards taking a look at some of the events and actions that I have made in the past but the story didn’t lecture, it was complete, it as light-hearted but full of heart!

The verbal banter and sparing between the two of them was amongst the best I have read, the romance took its time but was never actually in doubt although they don’t get it all their own way and have a hiccup or two along the way that more than upsets their applecart. At one point my heart broke for the two of them.

Worth every one of five glorious stars and then some!!

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