There are events that you know that you just have to attend and there are others that you make a judgement call on whether you fancy putting yourself through the trouble of actually showing, and for Emma when she made the decision to attend her college friend wedding, she made it with the information she had at the time, because I am certain that had she been in possession of all the fact she would have steered well clear because that vent was going to change her life completely and initially I didn’t think she had it in her…although from the first glance Matthew had her pegged!

This was a wedding like no others, I’m not exactly sure what the correct term is for a whole room full of Doms is but that is exactly where she found herself, and Matthew from the outset was adamant that deny it as she may…Emma was a natural born submissive. Now I’m not exactly sure how you even go about opening up a conversation about that with someone you have never met but it doesn’t take long I can tell you that because no sooner is she denying it than …they are off, and he is dishing out the commands (which she seemed to take to like a duck to water…well who knew!)

I must admit though that when he challenged her and raised the stakes by betting that he could get her to completely submit to him within 72 hours, I wasn’t best pleased. It just seemed a little unnecessary, I got that she needed the money after all $100,000 is a healthy sum to add to anyone’s bank balance but I didn’t want to feel as if she was selling herself out and I don’t think she did, I think she believed she could teach him a lesson and would walk away with the cash and not have to spend the next 30 day at his behest.

Little did she know that this was a guy that knew is women and particularly he knew her…their connection is one that may hit the ground running but the author hits the breaks at just the right time, giving the reader enough time to get the right feeling for what is going on, rushed this could have been a whole different ball game but delivered at a pace that gave me time to digest and understand, this a was read that was delivered fabulously.


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