We All Fall Down

by Karen Cimms

Read the first book ladies, you need the deets!!

Being the middle book in trilogy, for me I knew that this was always going to be the one to deliver the lethal blow and boy did it!

Beautifully written it follows the trials and tribulations of Billy McDonald and the woman that has stood by him for over two decades, his wife Kate.  Supporting Billy, as he has fought tooth and nail to reach his target, to make his mark in the music industry is what has kept Kate sane up until now, she loves her man but will his passion burn them both out?

Kate was a sterling character, a woman that was made of tough stuff, she had been with Billy through thick and thin but through it all; what they had, had always been worth fighting for…until now?

When her world turned a corner that she never saw coming I could almost feel her soul disintegrate and all I could think is that I wanted to put an arm round her shoulder and tell her to hold on.What do you do when what you have is broken, when your happiness is shattered and it is your shoulder to cry on that is tearing your heart apart?

Billy didn’t always make the right choices or even the smart ones but that didn’t mean he didn’t love Kate, he just got a little bent out of shape sometimes but unfortunately some errors don’t give you a way back, that you have to work out for yourself.

Some mistakes mark you for life and change not only what you think and feel but also that of the ones you love, equal bedfellows love and pain leave little behind when they enter the fray …emotion is a very cruel mistress in all its guises.

While I hoped that what they had was worth fighting for, I was pleased that the author didn’t give too much away too quickly, I’m not saying she laboured over their pain but she made the situation believable by making it seem as if their situation was running at pace that was honest.

One mistake, one catastrophic error of judgement and their lives were forever changed but what is done is done, it was moving forward that was important now, and I found the journey that I took with them was one that I didn’t want to stop.I wanted them to find a way to a happy place, to pick up their pieces and start to work hard at fitting what they had back together, I got the gravity of their situation but that didn’t mean that I was willing to accept that they couldn’t start again, my heart broke on almost every page for the pair of them.

The author totally brought their pain to life, she hid nothing and I think that made me feel as if I was a fly on the wall throughout the whole book, the situation was tantalisingly descriptive while at times it was also surreptitiously vague. I thought the author completely nailed their reactions, she painted the most colourful picture with her words and her emotional emphasis. The devastation was tangible.

I know you are dying to know how it works out but what kind of friend would I be if I spoiled the surprise, if my words meant that you didn’t get to actually experience this book, not just read it but become immersed in …I’d be a very bad friend indeed, so no spoilers juts a plea to read the book…PLEASE!

Topic: We All Fall Down by Karen Cimms

Date: 22/11/2016

By: Karen Cimms

Subject: We All Fall Down

Thank you so much for your beautiful review of We All Fall Down. You get it!! It was so hard to gut these characters I love so much. To read your review was exactly what I needed. A thousand kisses heading your way. <3 <3 <3

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