by Avery Flynn

I was sure that I was going to like this before I even opened the front cover, this is an author that I have read and loved previously but unfortunately this just wasn’t as hard hitting as I had anticipated.

Now, before you start howling at the screen I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the story, I did but I just thought that the story was a little to stayed, almost expected/

Leah Camacho didn’t ever want to return home to Catfish Creek, she has kept that little crazy piece of Texas in her rear-view mirror for long enough but with a school reunion looming she bites the bullet, hires a car and head back, not thinking for one second that she was hauling a whole heap of trouble with her.

When the first person she has a run in with is Drew Jackson, the soon to be ex-sheriff of Catfish Creek, the fun and games that ensued were if I am being honest exactly what I anticipated. The connection and shenanigans between the two of them are all sorts of crazy.

The history, the chemistry, the attraction between the two of them drew them together like magnets, they were fighting a lost cause…there was only one way this was going to go and that was fine by me…they were great for each other.

The book was well written, the author used some amazing descriptive tones to add a level of encouragement to the story…was it enough?

Well probably…just!

Topic: TROUBLE by Avery Flynn

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