Deja Vu Sunset by P D Taylor


This is not a short book by any stretch of the imagination – it is a solid but lengthy read.

The author was new to me but just because you haven’t heard of someone doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the plunge, I am delighted to have given this book a shot and I hold my hand up to be counted, because this was a great read.

The story centres on Gabriel and for once we have a man that I could relate to, he was ordinary in so many ways but that was what endeared him to me.

I loved the voyage and I have to say I really did feel as if I was on voyage with Gabriel, the story lilted back and forth seamlessly and the flit between the details of his past and the events in the present were engaging.

His life is a rich one, not monetarily but his experiences and the people who have shaped him have all left an impression on him, be that good or bad.

I loved the depth that the author was able to cram into Gabriel and the details that his life held. The author brought to life places and people by providing the most exquisite detail, he spared no detail and his linguistic flourish was the switch I needed to activate the rainbow of colours that I keep locked away in my imagine for just such events, he gave me every tool I needed to colour his words on my own.

A captivatingly realistic read, one that takes time but does not disappoint.

A new author that I will definitely look out for in the future.

Topic: Deja Vu Sunset by P D Taylor

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