Bound by Steel by Connie Lafortune

Ryker Steel, oh my goodness, there is something so enigmatic about the man that it was no wonder that he had Lyra in knots.

This is the most captivating of stories and that is wholly down to the quality with which the author has brought the characters to life, she has infused them with such amazing charisma, given the story so much detail and their situation a sexy edge that I just couldn’t help myself, I was hooked.

Ryker has an air about him that I just wanted more of so how Lyra felt made perfect sense to me.

Crashing her car, is just the start of the adventure she has with the gorgeous Ryker. And what a trip it was!

This was a beautifully descriptive and gloriously emotional story.

The connection between Lyra and Ryker almost defied description, the book showed both points of view, it gave a great insight into what was going on inside their heads.

I really could waffle on for ages but I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours because this is a fantastic journey with two very eclectic individuals, a journey that is stuffed and I really do mean stuffed with mystery, and intrigue.

Their story is not straightforward by any stretch of the imagination, but then again their initial meeting wasn’t exactly an everyday occurrence.

I loved the way that Lyra slowly peeled back the layers of Ryker, the cloak that he wore so well slowly unwrapped and we got to see the most amazing man…and it didn’t hurt that he was drop dead sexy.

There were elements of the books that caught me unawares. And that had me frantically turning the pages.

I would like to congratulate the author on what I have to say is a thoroughly enjoyable book, it had everything I could have every wanted as a reader and that is no mean feat!

Topic: Bound by Steel by Connie Lafortune

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