Daniella Bound by Jake Malden


 If you haven’t read a Jake Malden book then what are you waiting for – honestly this guy knows his way around the dictionary and this alpha males know there way around their women!! His men are a handful in more ways than one and this author gives you all of them, with knobs on!

Eric is the main protagonist in this book and he is one of Jakes text book Alpha’s, I honestly didn’t know whether I wanted to kick or kiss him.

What I did like in this book is that it is not only Eric that is a champ in the BDSM field because the female lead- Daniella can more than give him a run for his money – you go girl!!

The story is steamy – no it isn’t it, is the far side of boiling point and you will need wipers on your kindle to keep the screen steam free!!!

The storyline is not lost in this either. Eric thinks that by seducing Daniella he will be able to extract revenge on his former business associate – Daniella’s father – twisted or what???

But what he didn’t fathom was the fact that while he used her, she might have actually gotten something out of their encounter. She has a hankering to keep Eric around and she is sure that she sees more to him that other may have seen before.

But Daniella is no push over, she is determined to make sure that he never gets used again and in her bid to do just that she goes all out – I adore the fact that this woman embraced her sexual enlightenment and it was fantastic to take the journey with her.

Eric will grow on you, as the book continues and I actually ended up quite liking him.

The content and descriptive methods are not for the shy and retiring, the author leaves nothing to the imagination – and I loved it.