The Shattered Duet by Alexis Noelle

This is far from my first novel by this author, so I had absolutely no apprehension when I picked it up on my kindle and settled in, I just knew it was going to be fantastic, and I was not disappointed.

Jesse took a little getting used to but I was glad when I could eventually see not only where she was coming from but why.

Damon was more than just eye candy in the story, although the descriptive tones that the author used had my mind working overtime trying to put together an image in my head that I could focus on, he was distracting but boy what a way to while away my time.

The connection between him and Jesse was really intense but at times I couldn’t help but wish that Jesse would cut not only herself but them both so slack. She was so intense, I wanted a little more of the lighter Jesse that we sort of got to see when she was interacting with her friend Lo. Although at times she took that a little too far, but I think this side of her just gave us a better and more rounded look at her whole personality.

Damon, seemed more than able to handle the attitude that Jesse seemed more than willing to hand out, but he had method to his madness, the fact that he knew the woman, his woman would come good in the end.  He played a very patient game and it gave me a very intriguing look into what made him tick.

Their world, their lives, their story had me held hostage, I really didn’t want to either let them go or to have their story come to an end. I loved the fact that the author took them on a journey that laid bare their past hurts and made sure that they worked hard for the future that they deserved. They had enough going on that lesser mortals might have walked away, surrendering to the fact that sometimes things are just too difficult, but not this pair, no matter what tried to pull them apart.

Both books are absolute page turners, and with everything that you have come through in the first book, the second one will completely entrance you.

I would like to say that if you haven’t already picked up any of this authors work, then this is a fantastic place to start.

Topic: The Shattered Duet by Alexis Noelle

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