by ML Nystrom

A super start to this a new series from this author and I am primed and ready to press one click as soon as the next book becomes available. I love an MC series, I wish I could put my finger on why exactly but I have no idea, there is just something about these insanely alpha males that pushes every single one of my buttons, so to say that I was a happy as a pig in the proverbial is an underestimation…. I was delighted.
Mute was everything I wanted to read and it was delivered with a consideration that made me feel not just comfortable but confident that the characters would be everything I wanted them to be.
I really appreciated the fact that author gave time to develop not just the relationship between Mute and Kat but also the who setting, the club and the members and how that dynamic works for each and every one of them. This is a group that is bonded by want, not by familiar ties but by trust and respect to form a family that stands together no matter what and I thought that the author brought that across so well.
Kat was financially down on her luck in many respects, and in desperate need of a job so she accepts a position working the bar at the MC club, it might not have been her first choice of position but it didn’t take long for her to find that within the walls of the club is a group of people that she could relate to and that quickly started to matter to her and her to them. Well, all except one or so it would seem because Mute the club enforcer was playing his cards very close to his chest.  
Mute was everything that being the club enforcer needed, a mountain of a man that wore his surly attitude with pride, he oozed intimidation and made no excuse for the fact that he did so, after all that as his job. But the feisty addition to the bar staff was pushing all the right buttons and he was loathed to do anything to put paid to the situation.
But when trouble comes knocking, could he or would he protect her as his own?
If I have anything negative to say it would be that I would have liked a little more time with the pair of them, the book read quickly and that had me kicking my heels somewhat. But what I read was well written and thoroughly entertaining.

Topic: Mute by ML Nystrom

Date: 06/10/2020

By: BettyRet

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